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29 Apr 2016

Local Irish language community development organisation, CAIRDE Teo is hosting a special family picnic at the ancient capital of Ulster at the Navan Centre and Fort on Saturday 14 May. The picnic is aimed at children from local Gaelscoileanna and their families to encourage children and young people to use the Irish language outside of the classroom and to give parents the opportunity to come together and share ideas and tips about raising children in a bilingual environment.

Families are encouraged to bring along their own picnics and join the fun at the Navan Centre. As well as traditional games and a nature treasure trail, children will also be able to play the bilingual interactive app for the Navan Centre, Cú Chulainn’s Challenge, which was commissioned by CAIRDE Teo  and produced by Macha Media two years ago. The app, which can be downloaded free of charge onto iPhones, iPads and smart phones, encourages children to learn about the myths and legends associated with Navan Fort, while taking part in a number of fun and interactive challenges on Navan Fort itself. Families can meet up at the picnic area beside the café at the Navan Centre at 12.30pm.

If you are a parent of children from local Irish medium schools and you would like to attend the picnic, you can contact Seán in the Irish language gift shop, Cult Úr, located in the Eurospar shopping centre or on or 028 3751 5229. Cairde Teo organises various family events to support children attending local Irish medium schools. If you are interested in raising your family through the medium of Irish or in learning Irish, call in to the Cairde Teo office for advice and information on the many benefits of a bilingual upbringing and education.