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29 Aug 2016

Irish langauge evening classes in Armagh will be recommencing for all levels of learners on the evening of Wednesday 21 September. The classes, which are very enjoyable, are held in the Irish Medium Unit of St Catherine’s College and have proven extremely popular with adults and a number of younger people also attending. With the continuing growth of the Irish language education sector in Armagh, many parents whose children receive their education in local bunscoileanna and meánscoileanna attend the classes. If you have an interest in learning Irish for the first time or improving on the level of Irish that you have, why not sign up for the classes and join the hundreds of Irish speakers and enthusiasts in Armagh. Contact Seán on or 028 3751 5229 or call in to the CAIRDE Teo office in the Cult Úr shop downstairs in Armagh City Shopping Centre on Thomas Street.

The renewed interest in the native language of Ireland continues unabated with people from all sections of the community learning the language for the first time. There are many opportunities for people in the Armagh area to learn the language, with classes across the city and district, and indeed throughout the county. There are also a number of conversation groups in Armagh city where learners and fluent speakers can practice their language skills. As well as holding a weekly conversation and music session every Tuesday evening in the Northern Bar in the Shambles from 9.30pm, Ciorcal Comhrá Ard Mhacha also organise many events and trips throughout the year to celebrate our Gaelic and Celtic heritage. A conversation group Comhrá agus Craic takes place every Tuesday evening from 7pm in Embers café in Market Street with all levels of learners welcome to come along for a cup of coffee and a chat. There are endless opportunities in Armagh to learn and use the Irish language and you can find out more by contacting Seán at CAIRDE Teo.

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