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06 Dec 2016

Young Irish speakers from Armagh had a galactical experience with a difference recently, when they met none other than Daidí na Nollag or Santa Clause at Armagh Planetarium recently. Local community group CAIRDE Teo organised the event for children from local Irish medium schools and their families, in conjunction with their colleagues in the North Pole. The space-themed Christmas party took place on Saturday evening at the Armagh tourist attraction, which is currently offering special tours along with their acclaimed Mystery of the Christmas Star digital show.

On arrival at the planetarium, the children and their parents were invited to make their own rockets which they launched in the planetarium’s grounds. They also enjoyed the many space activities for young people, dressed up as astronauts and walked around the various exhibitions, before they went to visit Father Christmas. Santa was delighted to meet all of the children and was delighted to hear them singing a number of Irish language Christmas songs. Having received plenty of gifts from Daidí na Nollag, the children were then treated to a special Irish language showing of the timely The Mystery of the Christmas Star show.

The families and children had a memorable experience and are now looking forward to Daidí na Nollag coming back to visit them to leave their presents on Christmas Eve. Cairde Teo would like to thank Daidí na Nollag for taking the time out of his extremely busy schedule and to thank the staff at Armagh Planetarium for all of their help in organising an ‘out of this world’ Irish language experience for the children.