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20 Oct 2022

From humble beginnings as a fledgling cultural enterprise formed by volunteer community activists in 2008, CAIRDE Teo has evolved into Armagh City’s leading Irish language community organisation with over 10 full and part-time employees engaged in the promotion and development of the native and indigenous language and culture of Ireland.

Located initially in a small office generously provided pro-gratis by Cumann Pobail Droim Airg [Eng: Drumarg Community Association], CAIRDE Teo rapidly grew in stature and status as they built up a loyal community following and expanded their range of cultural and educational services over the succeeding years.

Winners of a plethora of national, regional and local awards, CAIRDE Teo has received recognition from none other than President Michael D Higgins for their multi-faceted work with community groups, cultural agencies, educational institutions, arts bodies and heritage organisations.

In 2012, CAIRDE Teo established another limited company Aonach Mhacha with the assistance of Newry and Mourne Cooperative and Development Agency. Their first spin-off company went on to develop the ground-breaking £2.5 million Irish language and cultural arts centre on the site of the former fire station in the Shambles area of Armagh City.

A further new social enterprise was to follow in 2014 with the establishment of SEACHT (Social Enterprise for Arts, Culture, Heritage and Tourism) making CAIRDE Teo the owner of three successful Irish language companies.

CAIRDE Teo has emerged from the global pandemic with a new Irish Language Development Officer and an ambitious programme for growth and expansion. Currently providing weekly Irish language instruction to over 100 adults and having successfully delivered another popular summer camp to almost 100 children from Irish medium schools, the energetic team at CAIRDE Teo is currently rebranding with an exciting new logo and corporate identity.

As we are currently expanding our range of community services and developing an area network plan for the Irish language community across County Armagh, CAIRDE Teo has decided the time is right to launch an exciting new image and brand for our ambitious cultural cooperative.

CAIRDE has recently contracted the Creative Workers Cooperative, based in Belfast, to design a logo and branding package that will reflect their status as a vibrant, forward looking Irish language agency facing the myriad challenges of the C21st.

We hope that you are as pleased with the results as we are!