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Book Launch: 'Pluid' by Eoghan MacCormaic

‘Pluid, scéal na mBlocanna H 1976-1981’ is 2021 Oireachtas award winning book and has been published by Coiscéim. In the reviews the judges at the Oireachtas wrote about the book they said:

‘This is an exceptional narration from the inside which will add to the historic record and our understanding of that period of time and what happened. The author deserves commendation for providing this important piece of work for the Irish language community.’

‘Throughout the story the spirit of the prisoners is shown in a non-sentimental way. The author uses humour and has an attractive style of writing which entices the reader into the prison with him.’

The author spent 1960 days on protest, 1580 days on the Blanket protest and 380 days on work strike. He was released from the H Blocks in 1991 after 15 years in prison. 40 years after the protests, this is the first story told of the H Blocks in Irish.

Copies will be available at the launch and are available now at