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02 Mar 2016

The ‘Glór 2016’ local studies magazine, a bilingual publication to mark the centenary of the Rising, will be on sale in the Chapel Street Gaeláras in Newry from midday Saturday 26th March.  Two key articles in the magazine will examine the split in the Gaelic League in Dundalk in 1915, when the IRB effectively politicised the organisation and thereby alienated Douglas Hyde, and a feature which looks at the language movement in Newry as the cradle of radical, advanced nationalism in the town.  The magazine however, while it has political content given the year that’s in it, also encompasses many voices on a diverse range of topics: Old Newry items (Canal Street and Water Street reflections); interviews with women (a Poor Clare nun, a former political prisoner, a worker in the gasworks); an account of a 1916 local shipping disaster; a detailed, wide-ranging article, with photographs, of the revival of Irish Dancing in the town; reminiscences on Rann na Feirste in the 1930s; poetry and review; Irish language events; Republican resistance in Newry in the 1950s; an interview with ex-internee Gerry Mackey; the Schools’ Folklore Collection 1930s; the importance of the Proclamation for Newry’s lgbt community; Protestant Origins of Republicanism in Newry; Saint Brigid’s Shrine, Faughart; a tribute to Aodh Ó Luaois/Harry Lewis, Camloch, and another one to Brian Campbell, Newry; Newry place-names; the post-famine decline of Irish in South Armagh; the founding of the Catholic Boy Scouts in the town; musings on 1916…  Writers include Dr. Pádraig Ó Tiarnaigh, Niall Comer, Paddy Traynor; Dr. John Mc Cavitt, Ciarán Mac Murchaidh; Éamon Mac an tSaoir; Seán Óg Mac an tSaoir; Dr. Séamus Mac an tSaoir; Damian Mc Kevitt; Séamus Mac Dhaibhéid; Deirdre Frame; Mícheal Mac Ardghail; Eoghan Ó Coinn; Seán Patterson; Breandán Ó Luaois; Lábhras Ó Brolcháin; Martin Hearty; John Duffy; Benny Mc Kay. For those who remember, or collected the magazines at the time, “Glór 2016” is modelled on the “Cuisle na nGael” bilingual template which proved very popular in the 1980’s and 1990’s.

Commenting on the ‘Glór 2016’ commemorative venture, John Stewart, who is Chair of Coiste na Cásca in Newry, said: ‘The magazine includes a number of authentic narratives from ordinary Newry people, some of whom are Irish speakers.  Molaim an obair seo mar tá sé tábhachtach i gcónaí guth na ndaoine a chloisteáil.  It’s a bumper edition and very good value at an expected selling price of £5. We can expect from the Gaelic League Exhibition itself (Aspects of Nationalism in Newry), which also runs at the Gaeláras over the Easter period, the usual eclectic mix of recordings (Orange & Green), images, prison art, and rare print materials.  Visitors will be encouraged to make up their own minds on aspects of our shared local history. Mo chomhairle féin, ná caill é/Don’t miss it. ”

The magazine is being published by Craobh an Iúir de Chonradh na Gaeilge who were recently selected as Best Branch in Ulster at the Gaelic League Ard Fheis held in Trinity College Dublin.